Baby news!

It’s taken me a while to get round to posting about things so this is a few months ago now, but lovely nonetheless.  In June I was asked to induce a baby and this is what his mum Charlie had to say after beautiful Archie was born…

“22nd June 2017 was the due date of my second son. I’d tried all the normal things to bring on labour but nothing had made the slightest difference. I had an appointment with Selena that morning and I was a bit unsure at the thought of ‘needles’ but Selena was very kind and made me feel so relaxed I hardly felt the needles at all. The whole experience was very relaxing and calming but the best bit of all was my son was born at 10.59pm on the same day as the treatment. I can say that it was not only effective but amazing!”

I think this is one of my favourite treatments – helping bring new life into the world is both a privilege and a pleasure every time. As is so often the case with acupuncture, the protocol itself is simple, quick and effective. Sometimes only one treatment is required, as in this case, although sometimes a couple of treatments are needed a day or two apart. Best of all? no drugs!

Welcome to the world Archie and thank you for sharing your story Charlie!